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Status Power Tools are modern power tools for professional and home use from a well-known Italian brand. The company has more than 50 years of successful activity in the field of construction tools production. During the constant work on improving products, the company’s specialists managed to create tools that are in demand all over the world and meet all the necessary requirements for reliability, ease of use and efficiency.

In their work, Italian designers adhered to a conservative and at the same time thoughtful approach to the appearance of our products and their ergonomics. All our products are presented in the same style, using the same color scheme. But each of the tools is designed and adapted for the convenient execution of the type of work intended for it. Thanks to the similar design, all tools seem to be part of one large set of professional tools for almost all types of repair and construction work.

Our tools are made from high quality materials, using aluminum and magnesium alloys. For the manufacture of our power tools we are using modern automated equipment and quality control system. The best quality raw materials, combined with the latest manufacturing technologies, guarantee the reliability and durability of Status Power Tools.

Now you can become the owner of such a tool.

All products in the assortment are divided into three lines depending on the complexity of the work performed and the skill level of the worker.

Tools for home craftsmen:

Designed for home use by people with no building skills. These tools have sufficient performance and affordable price.

They are lightweight and easy to operate.

The most popular representatives of the series are: cordless drills, angle grinders and circular saws of small diameter.

Professional tools:

Designed for use in large-scale construction and repair work. They have increased efficiency and reliability. As a rule, general construction purposes.

They are comfortable to use for long periods of time.

These include: screwdrivers, belt grinders, hammer drills, chain saws, jigsaws, jackhammers, planers.

Professional tools for especially difficult jobs:

They are highly specialized. Can work continuously.

Representatives of the series: jackhammers, mixers, metal shears.

The entire range of Status tools includes the following types:

Drills, mixers, perforators, hammers, saws, jigsaws, milling machines, planers

Cordless and special tools

Grinding and cutting machines

Vacuum cleaners

Food Waste Disposers

You can buy Status power tools both wholesale and retail. We have representative offices, shops and service centers of our Italian company in many citys in the World. All products are accompanied by the necessary documentation, as well as the possibility of obtaining a guarantee for 3 years.

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About company


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